Briggs Builders

  • Monday to Friday
  • from 9 am to 7 pm

I am very happy with their service. Briggs Builders are punctual and responsive. They handled all unexpected situations without a problem during the renovation of my flat.
Archie N.

We booked them only for installing new tiles in the bathroom, but when we saw the results we asked them to help us with the flooring in the entire house.
Phil and April B.

I liked the guys. Very helpful and friendly people! You can rely on them for any job related to your home improvement.
Rosalinda Reno

Great staff! They selected the best materials for the decoration of our new house and painted each room with attention to detail. The results are amazing!
Rick and Alva Spring

We intended to move home because we needed more space to live. Briggs Builders saved us this headache by transforming our loft into a great children’s room. Thank you!!!
Sheryl and Alexander R.